Monday, August 8, 2011

A New First Grade Blogger and a Freebie

There is a new first grade blogger-teacher over at Cause That's How We Roll in 1B. Go check out Gracie and give her some bloggy love! Why? Well, she is decorating her room in owls, she teaches Treasures reading series in Maryland, and when she showed off her new lesson plan book in a pic I saw the CAFÉ book and D5 book right there in plain view! I think I love her already! Oh wait, I know she’s a keeper because she loves Pinterest too! Another one I can stalk!
My current freebie is a Word Journal that is printed front to back and formatted to be folded and stapled. I have printed these and it did work for me. Just make sure to follow your printers particular instructions on printing front to back. Keep all pages in the order shown, fold all the pages in order in half, staple and it should work. The Google Doc looks a little funky but when you download the PPT version you should be able to edit it or add your name, grade, etc.
Word Journal


  1. Meesabelle,
    I am missing your email address...I need to send you some information about the letter exchange and get your mailing address. . .please email me. Thank you so much!


  2. Thank you for sharing, this will make a great handwriting practice booklet.

  3. OMG how I am just seeing this? Thanks so much for the love!!! I just used your Treasures TPT flash cards today and hope to purchase the Smart Start packet tomorrow... off to browser your blog some more!

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