Saturday, August 20, 2011

This week’s reflections: open house, teacher meetings, and scrambling!

I know I’ve not posted in..a…long….time but my procrastination indecisiveness concerning my classroom got the best of me and it all came to a head this week. I did a few 12 hour days at the school this week and got my room finished just enough in time for open house on Thursday night. I met all of my kids and parents!!! I was excited they all made it! Keep in mind, this was also the day of our teacher meetings so I knew I had to get things basically ready by Wednesday night; which I did by 9:30pm Wednesday! Whew!

You know, getting a primary grade classroom ready takes sooooo much more time and effort than when I was teaching middle school. Hind sight is 20-20 though and next summer I will hopefully be ready way before the day before open house!


  1. not taking pictures of my classroom before and after the overhaul (with all my moving boxes, etc.),
  2. not being able to be ready for open house earlier than the day before,
  3. spending so much money (I think it is at least $1000, but don’t tell my DH!),
  4. not having my writing and listening center set up yet.

Now, I just need to be mentally prepared for the week and create a schedule template that makes me happy.

As for now, I’m wiped out and need to rest up for Monday, the first day of school! Smile

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