Saturday, September 17, 2011

Target and OfficeMax deals this week!

If you are anything like me right now, you are having a difficult time keeping up with reading blogs—let alone writing for a blog. Sorry about my absence but I’m still settling into my first year of teaching first grade. It’s been fun and great, but a lot of work! I will share more later.

As for today, I went shopping and Target is having 70% off most of their dollar spot! For thirty cents each I got:

    • 30 write on white boards
    • 13 blue hanging pocket charts
    • 8 sets of 4-black bowls (good for math manipulatives)
    • teachers signs (saying things like “Line up here”)

At OfficeMax, they have a sale on hanging folders and manila file folders for $5 a box (certain boxes only). I had $11.00 in Maxperks and got them for free! While there, I also turned in my used printer cartridges for more Maxperks.

Hope you are able to grab some of these back to school clearance prices too!