Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Organizing units/weeks of classroom materials

The thought of organizing anything in my life makes me feel a little divided. I love the idea of having a place for everything and everything in its place so that I can find it when I need it, but I can become paralyzed and indecisive about the best way to organize for my personality. I am more of a visual person and I feel more compartmentalized and organized in my thinking if I can see things spatially as opposed to linear. So here is how I organize my weeks of school.
Instead of one large filing cabinet, I use these:
Large Open Top File Box Translucent
I got most of my open-top file boxes from The Container Store. This one is the largest, but there are also small and medium choices.
I’m so happy with these since I can not only store papers but also bulk items for crafts! I can pull the one down on my lower counter that I am currently using and sometimes I pull down the next one while I’m planning ahead. Each box hold about 6 weeks, and I made sure to label this on each side.
I have weekly hanging folders inside. Any materials for any subject I teach go into the proper week I am planning. If my week gets too busy, I just move items to the next week to try and finish up then.
This system has really helped me feel less stressed since this makes the most sense to me. I like how things don’t fall out or become too bulky to handle, like a binder might be. I can easily transport one to another place in my room or if I’m planning in another teacher’s room!

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