Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Teacher "Shopping the Clearance Section at Walmart" Haul

Hello, teacher friends! I hope you are enjoying summer. I've just officially started my summer break this past week as I had to pack up my room, because the old building is going to be demolished and we are moving to a new K-12 school! Excited--yes! Anxious--yes! We should have access to our classrooms no later than August 1st, so I am looking forward to having a new room to organize this year. You know what that can mean, teachers--gotta buy organizing systems! I have some organizing systems that are still nice looking enough to be in our new rooms, but some things had to be chucked for the wear was showing.

For a while I was looking for another rolling crate. I have one already but I find that when I need it for something else, it's in the middle of another job I have it for. I like to keep it in the trunk of my car for those extra special big hauls and for library books taken hither and dither from the county library. So this is what I found for $15 today in the clearance section at Walmart.

I've paid way more than that for the one I already have, though it has lasted me 14 years. I hope this one will last me at least that many years or more.

Now, I have never found a gem of a deal as I've ever found like this beauty. 
Actually, I bought out the whole lot of them beauties, 8 in all! Most of them are already promised to my other grade level team. I was only going to buy one for each of us but they texted me to tell me to buy 2 for each, if there were enough...and there were! Yippee! These things are made well and very sturdy, all for the tune of $6.00 each! Excuse me while I peel myself off the floor, again.

Why would we want 2 each for our classrooms? Well, our new classrooms are going to be smaller and we are not sure if we have room for book boxes for Daily 5. We have seen the kindergarten teachers use these types of chart organizers to hold a gallon-size baggie of books for Daily 5 "read to self" or "read to someone". We first grade teachers used this type of organizer to keep each student's extra supplies for the year, which worked out very well.

Now, is this something that might be a deal that you could snatch? I don't ever remember seeing these at Walmart before they hit the clearance section, but maybe I just missed them. Now, let me clarify--in the Walmart I was in this was in the general clearance section at the very front of the store.

Ok, so I started looking for anyone else out there who might have bought or reviewed this pocket organizer just to see if I wasn't in the Bermuda Triangle today and nobody else has every seen this quality of pocket charts before. Raye at The Caffeinated Teacher picked them up last year for $12 a piece. Donna at Peace, Love and Learning purchased the 10-pocket organizer last year for $8.97. I did see one of those in clearance already opened but without a price tag and it rang up for $10.97, which I just didn't purchase (should I be kicking myself for that?). So, if you are interested you just may have a chance of snagging some of these for yourself or a beloved teacher friend!

If you have one of these types of pocket charts let me know! I'd love to know if you found these recently at a Walmart near you so let me know that too!