Monday, June 15, 2015

Bestseller Makeover! Making Tens

When I started on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) I was new to being part of that community but not new to making some of my own curriculum content. I started my teaching career in gifted education and I had to revamp, redo or altogether create for enrichment. One item I made was a cut-sort-paste activity composing to make tens. It included number sentences and ten frames. I've been meaning to revamp it and now I have!

I have created and included 12 more pages for a total of 14 pages! It's also updated with new images and fonts and b/w printables! It could be a math center or even a formative assessment for the Common Core math standard 1.OA.C.6! I can't wait to use this in my classroom this next school year and I think you might want to see it for yourself! It will be half off until Friday, and make sure to leave a comment on my TPT page to show some kindness. TIA! Check out the link above.


  1. Great job! Your product looks fantastic!

  2. How cute! I love the bright colors and graphics!

  3. Love the bigger graphic! Checking it out on TPT now! Thanks for the update! Wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  4. Your product looks great! I love the clip art :)

    Made with Love

    1. Thanks for checking it out! I'm pretty happy with it.


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