Sunday, June 28, 2015

Some of My Dreams...

I thought I'd get real for a minute and let you in on some of my dreams for myself. These are some things I'm currently wanting in my life and is fun think on and make goals. Maybe writing it out for all of you to read will help me attain these goals.

Walk more for better health
I really don't like to sweat and that is one reason why I don't exercise. I know I need to be moving for better heart health and weight loss (please don't ask, just trust me). My grandfather had high blood pressure and I know walking can help prevent that. Plus, my two little dogs would love it if I took them out on the leash more instead of letting them run the yard.

Grow as a teacher
I'd like to grow as a teacher and always keep improving. I believe teaching is more of a science and that there are certain formulas that help me become the the teacher that I would have wanted and needed to have when I was in first grade. I would like to use more Whole Brain Teaching techniques more consistently and get my students to become more passionate about writing.

Create effective curriculum
If you've ever heard me say that teaching is my hobby it is because my secret ultimate job would be to write curriculum, though I would want to at least teach part time because I do love that part as well. Teachers Pay Teachers is helping me fulfill that dream to create content that is worth learning. I hope that I can continue to refine and craft resources that are helpful to not only myself but others as well.

Go on a Disney Cruise!
I have never been to Disney World nor have I ever been on a cruise so I figure if I put the two together it's got to be much greater than the two alone. My mom, who's also never been on a cruise, was just telling me she would like to go on one. I've been thinking about it ever since. Maybe in the next year or two we can make that happen.

What are your dreams? Anything like mine or completely different? Tell me in the comments. It's fun to dream and share our dreams!!!


  1. You have some great goals and dreams! I love WBT. Last year was my first full year using it, but I still have areas I need to be more consistent in. I am rereading the Coach B's first book now and I just ordered the new book this weekend and am planning to join the link ups. (My book won't be here until Wednesday so I am a little behind). A Disney cruise sounds fantastic! Hopefully that will come to fruition sooner rather than later. Good luck!

  2. Another Wibbiteer! Yay! The more you get into WBT you'll never go back to the way you taught before! Make sure you join the the convo before and after you get your book! Thanks for the reply!

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