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WBT's New Book - 122 Amazing Games Chapter 7, 8 and 9

How does ASL (American Sign Language) help me teach math in a fun and engaging way? Oh, if you have difficulty teaching place value with tens and ones then keep reading. This is Pin-worthy! There are so many more WBT games to learn! Freebies too!

Chapter 7--Math Games (all free on Whole Brain Teaching website)

75. SuperSpeed Numbers--teaches counting. Compete to beat your last score!

76. Smoothy Bumper Planet--add, subtract, counting and skip counting all on one sheet of paper with color-coding.

77. SuperSpeed Math--math fact fluency with a partner to try and beat your previous goal.

78. Puzzle Counting--using finger gestures to help students understand place value of tens and ones.

Here's what I do...I have students learn ASL numbers up to 10. You can download (and pin it too!) this FREEBIE below. If you notice, "10" is basically a thumbs up and shaking it side-to-side. I have students show a 20 by shaking an ASL "2" side-to-side, 30 by shaking an ASL "3" side-to-side, and so on. DISCLAIMER: This is not official ASL, but more WBT gestures.

I shared this on my own Periscope last week, so make sure you're following me for more tips on how I teach WBT in my room!

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79. Left Hand Place Value--Teach the left hand fingers are place value holders!

80. Help Me! Math--As you count or skip count, stop and act like you forget. Ask the kids to help you!

81. You're Still Cool Math Facts--Make a purposeful mistake on the board. Kids should be paying attention and say "It's cool!" right away!

Chapter 8--Common Core/State Test Games

Coach opens with saying that from the beginning of school, students should be doing practice questions on a regular basis...the WBT way! Emphasize that test questions try to trick kids...but we aren't going to be tricked after this chapter.

82. It's Raining Stars!--Give out Super Improver stars when students answer sample standardized test questions. Be conservative at the beginning of school and then by end of school let it rain stars!

83. Golden Words--Make a game out of finding the best words needed to answer wordy questions. Gravel vs. Pure Gold words!

84. Doofus Hunters--Look closely at multiple choice questions and find the "doofus" answers.

85. Trickster!--Find words in questions and answers that look like a good answer! So close but we gotcha, you trickster!

86. Secret Signs--This is a great activity to help and reinforce student understandings of the math signs. Make sure to play game 83. Golden Words to ready your students for this one!

87. Vocabulary Superspeed!--Reading those tough Tier 2 and Tier 3 words is a skill needing practice. These may be on tests like the high-stakes kind, and unless students have had more than a few exposure sessions then they may do poorly. Prepare them for their future (even if it is way in the future...looking at us K-3 teachers, including myself!)

88. Prove It!--With a whiteboard, students start with proving why an answer is correct. Later challenge them to why other answers are incorrect.

89. Power Pix--these are the anchor charts of WBT...actually better because they give you the gestures and what to say when presenting the concept! There are so many freebies not only on the Whole Brain Teaching Website but other sites as well. My favorite places are found on my WBT Pinterest board here.

Chapter 9--Challenging Kids Games

Coach B offers a yearlong plan of what to do and when from beginning to the end of the school year. I've created a table for those of you who'd like a quick glance of this. Click on the pics below to go to the download...more color borders available.

91. Please-Okay La! La!--Students will think they are helping you work on your manners. When you don't say "please" with a command the students say "la, la, la", but when you do say "please" with a command they have to say "okay".

92. The Bull's Eye Game--This is for those sweetie rebels we may have. When you've gotten to game 91 and you think your "back pocket" is empty, here you go. Pull out this game. First, get to know your sweetie and find his likes and praise him. Tell him this is a new game just for him and you. Explain that the middle of the bullseye (5 points) is the best behavior and the outside (1 point) is the worst. He will tell you what he thinks he earned by the end of the day and you will know your points for him. If your scores match, whether 1 and 1 or 5 and 5, he gets that many points that day. Talk to him on those 1 point days, "How is home?" When he earns 25 points he'll earn a prize, no more than $5. Remember, you don't spend the money to give out prizes so you are saving money now that you are doing WBT; save it for the one that needs it most.

93. Cussing Crusher--Potty mouths...not good. The whole class needs to understand that you have no tolerance and they will take a note about it straight to the office. If you do not have back up on this with your admin then this needs to be a discussion to have. You teach, you keep teachin'!

Soooooo, if you are still with me then you are awesome! Remember to download the freebies above! If you would like to know when I post any more freebies, make sure you are following me in my TpT store at First Grade Frame of Mind. Don't forget to join us for the Periscope Wednesday night. Make sure you are following @WBT_HeidiMartin.

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"Goldilocks and the Three Bears" new and on sale 25% off and BONUS Periscope I made today!

My new products with "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" teaching critical verbs and nouns to primary students is on sale now until this Sunday (next 2 days) at 25% off! I already started printing them off for my firsties this coming school year. I can't wait to hear my littles use these big words in their speaking and writing this year. They are going to be so smart when taking any future standardized tests in the future PLUS they'll knock off any adult's socks when they hear them using words like "distinguish" and "classify & categorize"! Can't wait!

Click on the pic of each below to see them and download the very generous PREVIEW SAMPLES! 

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WBT Oral Writing Toward Complete Sentences

This past week, I've been reading about Writing Games in the Whole Brain Teaching 122 Amazing Games! book. Let me show you how I teach my firsties how to use complete sentences when answering a question.

 Important to know...
 Also, important to know...
 Here is my first sample question I might ask in my classroom. I would use the Brainies for capital letters and end marks. Model the gestures so the students will imitate you correctly.
 Notice on this next slide you see underlines. These are the words we can duplicate and use in our answer. Here's the game: use as many of the words from the question also in your answer. And no, my students do not ready Harry Potter, at least not in my classroom. :)
 Here's the next question...
 And now the answer...
 Here's a math question...
 Here's the answer...
 Bonus: Go check out my Periscope (find me @meesabelle) within the next 24 hours for a BONUS on how I do gestures for math, numbers and double-digit numbers! It can be done and it is fun! Here are some other ways to follow me!
Here is something else that may help your firsties transition to the Genius Ladder (which is another WBT goodie you can find on TpT for free)! I use this as some preteaching beforehand so students get a good idea about using adjectives and pronouns.

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#teacheertribedirectory--Find Your Tribe!

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WBT's New Book - 122 Amazing Games Chapter 5

I've really been excited about--Chapter 5: Writing Games. I like how Coach B starts the first sentence,

"Every Whole Brain classroom

is a writing lab."--Coach B./Chris Biffle

If there is talking, there can be a writing game, no matter the subject: math, science, social studies, art, music or philosophy (that one's for you Coach ;)

Writing Games:

45. Etheria--write to an Etherian to explain what you've learned. What's Etheria? Didn't you get your book yet?

46. The Triple Whammy--

Whole Brain Teaching is ______,_______ and _______.

Filling in the above sentence with whatever you know or believe the subject is IS a Triple Whammy! This is a beginning of a three-part essay, with students writing more in depth about each blank above. Coach say that by the end of kindergarten, those littles show have it down pat if you've worked with them in steps throughout the year. Start with a subject described with one blank. Later, add another blank for 2 descriptions. Finally, give them the Triple Whammy set-up! Below are kindergarten, 1st grade and 5th grade classes doing their Triple Whammy oral writings.

47.  Triple Whammy Ka-Ching--this is the three-part sentence that really gets your attention showing what students are learning in class. I can see using this one for standards that are posted in your room! This would totally knock the socks off your administrator or evaluator!

48. The Golden Triple Whammy Ka-Ching--(can it get any better than the last two?!) For this one, the student must give an opinion, statement or declaration about something and back it up with, you guessed it, 3 reasons! Brilliant!

49. Stomp that Error!--I love showing students the right and wrong way of doing things. I think, sometimes, this is more powerful then just presenting the correct way. When students see and error they celebrate by stomping their foot twice. Gimme and "Oh yeah" for a quick and quiet celebration!

50. Sloppy-Neat--Again, to follow #49, allow the students to show that they can write sloppy and write neat. If you've requested sloppy handwriting, make sure to praise them for following directions! Sloppy fades and Neat becomes more pronounced.

51. Hawk and Gopher--this is Coach B.'s answer to grading essay papers...have the students do it! The teacher writes on the board what they are to be looking for and the students switch papers, look, mark errors. After many rounds of this, the paper gets back to the owner then the owner has tons of feedback. Allow the owner to challenge anything s/he believes is not an error, while starring every error agreed upon. The teacher makes the student accountable for recognizing her/her mistakes...yes, it is part of their grade! If they know this then it's more valuable to them to look at their papers like a hawk!

52. Red/Green Dotty--Coach B. suggests all students write for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 more minutes in the afternoon. While writing, the teacher goes around looking for errors (marked with red) and proper use of a skill (marked green); all predetermined before the writing time and shared with the students.

53. Electronic SuperSpeed Grammar--Teach your students grammar the WBT way with interactive and fun cartoon graphics! These are slide shows that may be downloaded from the Whole Brain Teaching Website for this one. Click here, sign up/in for free and look in the "free ebooks" section to find and download. This also goes for the next two...

54. The Whole Brain Writing Game--Adapt this into your current writing program and watch your students become engaged with the learning of writing like never before! Go get your free download. Click here!

55. Whole Brain Writing--Let the Mind Giants help you reinforce all those writing strategies you taught through Whole Brain Teaching! Go get your free download. Click here!

On page 101 of the book, Coach B. gives us a breather to think about all that we've learned thus far and tells you the problems teachers are constantly coming to him with and he has his troubleshooting answers! Check it out!

Make sure to click the bar at the top to take you to our Facebook page for 122 Amazing Games group where you can see other bloggers' posts on this chapter and teacher questions and answers about anything from this chapter! Come join our community of Wibbiteers!

If you've missed the posts from the previous chapters, click my Pinterest link on the right-side bar to go back and review. It's never too late! Go for it!

My cohost for this book study, Heidi from Droppin' Knowledge, will be hosting chapter 6 next week for WBT Wednesdays!


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WBT's New Book - 122 Amazing Games Chapter 4

Heidi at DroppinKnowledge2 is hosting Chapter 4 this week! Check out her take on this week's chapter by clicking the image above.

As for me, I love how Coach B has included so many variations of Class-Yes, Mirror-Words and Teach-Ok. I know that class will be more interesting this year with all these variations to flip to in this book! My favorite is Wiggly-Woggly, Teach! So funny!

Remember to check out the discussion on our Facebook group. To get there quickly, click on the button in the bar at the top of this page. Discuss, ask, share whatever for this chapter! Show pictures if you've got 'em! We wanna see it all!

I'll be back to host the next chapter next week.

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Tell All Tuesday: Things Teaching Has Taught Me!

This week's Tell All Tuesday is again with Teach.Talk.Inspire and My Day in K. I love lists and this week is perfect for me. Top Ten List!

But wait! 


If you didn't see the giveaway for a $50 gift card to Michael's and a planner download from my last post, you still have time to get over there to enter! Click here and then make sure to come back to read the rest of this post. See, I'm looking out for you! ;)

...Ok, so here is what teaching has taught me in 10...

1. I taught middle school for the first 10 years of my career and there were mostly men there. They were not naturals at organizing luncheons, at least at my school. Now, when I moved to the elementary wing I found that there is food in there. All. The. Time. It's a bittersweet revelation.

2. We teachers must prep our lessons, gather materials, print and assemble and then teach the lesson, give the assignments and homework and then grade it all! As a kid, I thought teachers just gave it out!

3. Students in elementary, especially primary, think of the teacher as the queen bee and they know it all. For most of the year I know what time it is and they don't! That's a big deal in first grade.

4. I learned way back when I taught gifted at the middle school that it is alright that the students know that you do not know all the answers. Sometimes if you can't fudge it, it's just better to be straight with those pre-teens because they can smell inferiority complex right away.

5. If I don't go on vacation, I can spend the equivalent to going on vacation just on my classroom next year. I never have enough dollar spot items for my room!

6. I find it amazing how many people, from politicians to media heads, that will make blanket statements about teachers and education. I would like to see some of them survive 25 first graders...just one day will do it. Maybe the first hour even.

7. This is my summer break and I'm still thinking, working, planning and shopping for school. It never completely leaves my mind. That certain kid in my class from this past year hasn't left my mind yet either. We've all had one of those kids.

8. I didn't know that I would be holding paper towel rollers hostage in my home and asking family and friends for theirs. It's great that teachers know how to use free resources, but just remember we have to keep them...somewhere.

9. In education, nothing stays the same. Why? Well, it's because there is no one proven magic formula as to the best way to educate humans. Neuroscience doesn't even know the "tip of my finger" of it, yet everyone else has an opinion (refer back to #6).

10. Even though some things about being a teacher many not be so great, I still love it. I can' imagine doing anything else. What gets me every time is the joy, the lightbulb moments, the connections I make with students. I love it! It feels good to know what I'm meant to do here on Earth.

If you are still here after reading through my whole list, thank you! Check out the links to other teacher's top 10 lists or, better yet, download the graphic below to make and post your own top 10 list of things teaching has taught you. Now, I'm going to click through and read each one!

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Plan With Me Sundays Linky and Giveaway!

I'm joining Kreative in Kindergarten and Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris as they co-host the Plan With Me Sundays linky.

 I love the thought of organization but I truly struggle with it. Sometimes I think I love the paper and pens the most! I have learned to enjoy making checklists more since I've found bullet journaling and applied it to my lesson planning.

I wanted to start planning more specifically for my blog posts and my TpT store and I knew I needed and wanted more structure than only the bullet journaling could offer. I found a few freebies and I purchased and downloaded some specific planners and I keep coming back to the same one. It's Mandy Gregory's "Teachers Pay Teachers and Blog Planner (2015).

I like how I can see all of my socials on one page. So simple and so needed.

Check-listing abounds in this planner.

Reminds me of my favorite--bullet journaling.

Things to check off every day on the planner!

I really enjoy using the disc-bound notebook systems. I mostly have Arc notebooks from Staples and a few things from Levenger as well. I like how it is so easy to move pages around, yet not bulky like a binder.

If you like looking at how teachers use their different planners, check out the linky below, but first make sure to enter to win one of two types of planners like this one AND a Michael's gift card!

a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Happy July 4th to My U.S. Friends: Freebie and 20% Off Sale!

[Freebie is no longer available]

Happy 4th of July! I know not everyone in the world celebrates this holiday, but any holiday is a great excuse to celebrate! I'm so very excited that I have reached one of my goals of having 100 followers in my TpT store so I wanted to share that joy as well.

I've been working on adding some printables to the anchor charts I created for the CCSS (Common Core) Critical Vocabulary anchor charts. The theme is "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and they are going to help our teachers (me included) teach these very difficult words to K-1 students at our school.

 I chose "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" for a few reasons:
  1. Most K-2 curriculum products or reading programs include this same story.
  2. It is a well-known story for any new student who may be transferring from another school and you need to get them up to speed in the middle of the year.
  3. ELL students will be able to understand the simple plot and characters.
  4. This story is developmentally appropriate to link to the rigorous critical vocabulary.

Our upper elementary teachers really need our support to teach the critical vocabulary that is expected to come up more than 80% of the time on standardized testing when our littles get to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade...and beyond! I know how important it is for elementary students to have a firm foundation in vocabulary because before I taught 1st grade I taught middle school ELA and gifted enrichment for the first 10 years of my career. Students with an understanding of rich vocabulary have greater success in comprehending those tough academic words across the disciplines.

After I created the anchor charts, I immediately knew this was going to be a growing project. I am about to share the entire package to everyone and if you stay tuned my blog or link up with me on my other socials then you'll be the first to know when it goes live on TpT if you want to grab it up. Here's a sampling of a little something from kindergarten and first grade:

As you can see, I've created at least 2 printables for shared learning or individual learning, depending on the needs of your students. There is also a color version and b/w version of the anchor charts. My 1st grade team already has these charts printed, laminated and cut ready to post and use for next school year! I still need to get the upcoming printables ready and printed for my class. I'm so excited to see how my students will learn to know and use these words throughout the school year!

If you are seriously considering these for your classroom, please take advantage of the current price as these will most likely increase in cost as I've added over 50 new printables across the K-1 bundle in all and I have plans to add other activities to them in the near future. Purchasing these now will save you money in the long run.

As a treat, my whole store is on sale this holiday weekend until Monday! So you can get an additional 20% off! If you do make any purchases, please come back to my TpT store and leave a comment (thanks in advance!). If you have questions or issues, please message me so that I can take care of those right away and not have a negative comment for something I could take care of for you in a more timely manner; I only hope that what you purchase helps you as much as it helps me as well! Click on the picture below to link to my store for this amazing opportunity!

Have a great weekend! Hope you can spend some fun time spent with family and friends!