Tuesday, July 21, 2015

WBT Oral Writing Toward Complete Sentences

This past week, I've been reading about Writing Games in the Whole Brain Teaching 122 Amazing Games! book. Let me show you how I teach my firsties how to use complete sentences when answering a question.

 Important to know...
 Also, important to know...
 Here is my first sample question I might ask in my classroom. I would use the Brainies for capital letters and end marks. Model the gestures so the students will imitate you correctly.
 Notice on this next slide you see underlines. These are the words we can duplicate and use in our answer. Here's the game: use as many of the words from the question also in your answer. And no, my students do not ready Harry Potter, at least not in my classroom. :)
 Here's the next question...
 And now the answer...
 Here's a math question...
 Here's the answer...
 Bonus: Go check out my Periscope (find me @meesabelle) within the next 24 hours for a BONUS on how I do gestures for math, numbers and double-digit numbers! It can be done and it is fun! Here are some other ways to follow me!
Here is something else that may help your firsties transition to the Genius Ladder (which is another WBT goodie you can find on TpT for free)! I use this as some preteaching beforehand so students get a good idea about using adjectives and pronouns.




  1. Hello. I started using bits and pieces from WBT last year and would like to learn more. I hope to watch your scope today and check out the resource you shared. I have come to you from the link up at #littlefishteachertribe.

    Your blog looks great.
    Hanging Around In Primary

  2. Hey, Christina! Thanks for checking out my blog. I love WBT and hope you get to learn more too. Remember, there are no WBT police! I checked out your blog too and I think it's great! I'll be following!

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