Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WBT's New Book - 122 Amazing Games Chapter 7, 8 and 9

How does ASL (American Sign Language) help me teach math in a fun and engaging way? Oh, if you have difficulty teaching place value with tens and ones then keep reading. This is Pin-worthy! There are so many more WBT games to learn! Freebies too!

Chapter 7--Math Games (all free on Whole Brain Teaching website)

75. SuperSpeed Numbers--teaches counting. Compete to beat your last score!

76. Smoothy Bumper Planet--add, subtract, counting and skip counting all on one sheet of paper with color-coding.

77. SuperSpeed Math--math fact fluency with a partner to try and beat your previous goal.

78. Puzzle Counting--using finger gestures to help students understand place value of tens and ones.

Here's what I do...I have students learn ASL numbers up to 10. You can download (and pin it too!) this FREEBIE below. If you notice, "10" is basically a thumbs up and shaking it side-to-side. I have students show a 20 by shaking an ASL "2" side-to-side, 30 by shaking an ASL "3" side-to-side, and so on. DISCLAIMER: This is not official ASL, but more WBT gestures.

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79. Left Hand Place Value--Teach the left hand fingers are place value holders!

80. Help Me! Math--As you count or skip count, stop and act like you forget. Ask the kids to help you!

81. You're Still Cool Math Facts--Make a purposeful mistake on the board. Kids should be paying attention and say "It's cool!" right away!

Chapter 8--Common Core/State Test Games

Coach opens with saying that from the beginning of school, students should be doing practice questions on a regular basis...the WBT way! Emphasize that test questions try to trick kids...but we aren't going to be tricked after this chapter.

82. It's Raining Stars!--Give out Super Improver stars when students answer sample standardized test questions. Be conservative at the beginning of school and then by end of school let it rain stars!

83. Golden Words--Make a game out of finding the best words needed to answer wordy questions. Gravel vs. Pure Gold words!

84. Doofus Hunters--Look closely at multiple choice questions and find the "doofus" answers.

85. Trickster!--Find words in questions and answers that look like a good answer! So close but we gotcha, you trickster!

86. Secret Signs--This is a great activity to help and reinforce student understandings of the math signs. Make sure to play game 83. Golden Words to ready your students for this one!

87. Vocabulary Superspeed!--Reading those tough Tier 2 and Tier 3 words is a skill needing practice. These may be on tests like the high-stakes kind, and unless students have had more than a few exposure sessions then they may do poorly. Prepare them for their future (even if it is way in the future...looking at us K-3 teachers, including myself!)

88. Prove It!--With a whiteboard, students start with proving why an answer is correct. Later challenge them to why other answers are incorrect.

89. Power Pix--these are the anchor charts of WBT...actually better because they give you the gestures and what to say when presenting the concept! There are so many freebies not only on the Whole Brain Teaching Website but other sites as well. My favorite places are found on my WBT Pinterest board here.

Chapter 9--Challenging Kids Games

Coach B offers a yearlong plan of what to do and when from beginning to the end of the school year. I've created a table for those of you who'd like a quick glance of this. Click on the pics below to go to the download...more color borders available.

91. Please-Okay La! La!--Students will think they are helping you work on your manners. When you don't say "please" with a command the students say "la, la, la", but when you do say "please" with a command they have to say "okay".

92. The Bull's Eye Game--This is for those sweetie rebels we may have. When you've gotten to game 91 and you think your "back pocket" is empty, here you go. Pull out this game. First, get to know your sweetie and find his likes and praise him. Tell him this is a new game just for him and you. Explain that the middle of the bullseye (5 points) is the best behavior and the outside (1 point) is the worst. He will tell you what he thinks he earned by the end of the day and you will know your points for him. If your scores match, whether 1 and 1 or 5 and 5, he gets that many points that day. Talk to him on those 1 point days, "How is home?" When he earns 25 points he'll earn a prize, no more than $5. Remember, you don't spend the money to give out prizes so you are saving money now that you are doing WBT; save it for the one that needs it most.

93. Cussing Crusher--Potty mouths...not good. The whole class needs to understand that you have no tolerance and they will take a note about it straight to the office. If you do not have back up on this with your admin then this needs to be a discussion to have. You teach, you keep teachin'!

Soooooo, if you are still with me then you are awesome! Remember to download the freebies above! If you would like to know when I post any more freebies, make sure you are following me in my TpT store at First Grade Frame of Mind. Don't forget to join us for the Periscope Wednesday night. Make sure you are following @WBT_HeidiMartin.

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