Sunday, August 2, 2015

Currently August 2015

It's August, already??!!??!! Where has the summer gone? It always goes by too fast. I have to go back starting August 14th for teacher meetings and students come the Tuesday after. I've not stepped into my classroom yet, but that will change this week! So, I'm linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade to show you my August currently.

Don't forget there is a Teachers Pay Teachers sale starting tomorrow, Monday, and ending Tuesday. 


  1. Chocolate is ALWAYS a must at the beginning of the year. Your teacher friends will be thanking you. :)
    I'm currently getting my store ready for the TPT sale too - and filling up my cart with so many good things! Have a great year!

    Surrendering Camie

  2. I need to clean my house too!!! Good luck this school year and getting ready!!!

  3. I love the Interactive Notebook product in your blog but I'm not sure which product it is in your store. I'm your newest Tpt Follower! Love your stuff! You make nice products. And I enjoy your blog as well.

  4. Mary, the interactive notebooks are included in the "Ready to Go" vocabulary sets 1 and 2. Set 2 is on sale for 50% off until midnight EDT! Thanks for the follow! :)

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