Saturday, September 12, 2015

Close Reading's Universal Vocabulary

The current education shift is all about close readings and having students digging deeply into a text. One important piece related directly to close reads is the explicit teaching of close reading's universal vocabulary. "What? I've not heard about this universal vocabulary!!" Well, in some circles this universal vocabulary is called the "high frequency words of close reading" or "Common Core critical vocabulary". Check my pin board on the subject, Common Core Critical Vocabulary.

Teacher's are already teaching this vocabulary but not necessarily in a systematic way. There are lists, yes lists, on which words should be taught in what grades. No worries, I'm here to point you toward those lists. Check out my first post on this topic with the list for kindergarten and first grade. Did you notice that there are more than a dozen words that need to be explicitly taught to first graders?

When I first realized I needed to explicitly teach all these words to my first graders, I did what any other teacher may have done...I went searching on Teachers Pay Teachers. I couldn't believe it! All I found was ONE product that only had anchor charts for some, not all, of the first grade words. That. Was. It. There were tumbleweeds whistling by me in the wind when it came to finding direct critical vocabulary resources for K-2.

I got to work on creating resources to help us primary teachers teach these close reading universal vocabulary words.

Click below to check out a freebie emergent reader download!

Were you aware that there was universal vocabulary linked directly to the success of close reads? Tell me about your journey to these words in the comments. I'd love to hear about it!

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