Saturday, January 2, 2016

Currently January 2016

"Hoppy" New Year--it's a leap year, you know. I'm linking up with Oh Boy, Fourth Grade "Currently" Linky.  I'm ready for this brand new year as it gives a sense of renewal and freshness.

Listening...I need and want to blog more though I think my perfectionistic tendencies get in the way. What I mean by that is if I think I can't do it all exactly right to my standards then I don't do it at all. I do this with purchases too. I'm not really an impulse buyer. If I'm in the store and if I don't feel right about something, even though I really want it, then I'll walk away! Wish I could be that way with food.

Loving...I'm so into bullet journaling and making my own planner. I've purchased planners before but at the end of a year, there are so many blank pages. I'm more of a list maker anyway. Bullet journaling is it for me! I use a Leuchtturm1917 and fountain pens, mostly. My favorite pen is my TWSBI mini fountain pen. It's inked up with a nice sepia brown ink.

Thinking...I'm wanting to come up with a positive word to carry me through 2016. Others are sharing their words, but I've just not settled on one yet.

Wanting...I would like a new(er) car. I have a Honda Accord from 2002 and it's running fine mostly but I'm ready for heated seats, auto starter and bluetooth! It's nice that my SO brought up the idea first!

Needing...My time is so unbalanced and probably not healthy. I'm so focused on wanting to help myself and other teachers trying to brainstorm and produce resources that help us teach vocabulary. I'm also excited about all the connections I've made on SM and spend way too much time on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Fun, but I need more balance and less distraction. More focus!

One little word...Gains is a word that keeps coming up for me lately as a reflection of 2015. I've had gains in connections, friends online, collaborations, vision. It's been a wonderful year to reflect back upon and makes me excited for this new year!

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