Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's Teacher Appreciation Week, and the Party Starts Now!

We all deserve this for making it through our school year, right?!?!
(Trust me on this. You want to keep reading!)

My dear teacher friend, Amber, from First Grade Diva Creations and I are planning some fun for you teachers this week! Teachers work so hard every day, all year...we know it's just not during the school year. You deserve some refreshments and we are here to serve! You've taken those students and pushed them toward their best potential in academics, behavior and social relationships.

Welcome to our virtual lemonade stand! A place to refresh and make the end of this year easier and make you feel like you are getting a head start on next year. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! You are so going to be prepared and you being here right now is proof! 

You need a way to end the year on a good note with your sweeties and Amber from First Grade Diva Creations is here to help! This limited edition bundle is only $5.00 and it's only available until this Friday! 

This "End of School" resource contains the following items:

  • Printable Positive Behavior Postcards to help focus on the positive with your students all year long! 
  • I Mustache You About Your Year Glyph to make a hilarious memory with your students.
  • Before We Say Goodbye to help your little sweeties get closure on your amazing time together!

Click here to get more details about this bundle!

We all like to feel like we are prepared, ready and organized. I like to print and laminate a few things before school ends because not everyone is thinking about that and they are all leaving early because they just want to get home after school now. If I can take advantage of the copier and laminator while everyone else is gone then I'm doing it! This next limited edition bundle is also only $5.00 and only available until this Friday! 

This "Beginning of School" resource contains the following items:

  • Social Studies History Interactive Notebook will have your students compare and contrast the seasonal changes and history through these interactive pages they can revisit over and over again!
  • Tier 2 Vocabulary Posters with critical Tier 2 vocabulary and a brief definition will help remind you and your primary students to use these words daily. 
  • Get your students to write daily with Write Daily resources, and watch your students improve their writing from simple sentences to more complex sentences with daily practice. No prep! Just print and go!

Click here to get more details about this bundle!

And that's not all! You can have the change for that adorable Alex and Ani "Apple of Abundance" bracelet, as well as some other free resources from Amber and me, annnnndddd.....a Teachers Pay Teachers gift card!

Remember when I told you to keep reading? We are so excited that you did!

Here's all the fine print of what is included!

Click on the image above to go enter to win or enter directly below! This giveaway closes by this Friday at midnight EDT and the winners will be announced the following day on Saturday. Please share with your teacher friends!
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  1. What a great giveaway! I'm glad I found and followed your stores! Great stuff in there :)

    1. Darla, you are too kind! Thank you for following us! Amber from First Grade Diva Creations

    2. Thank you, Darla! Good luck and thank you for the follows!