Sunday, April 3, 2016

7 Alliteration Lessons That are Beyond Peter Piper and his Peppers!

When I think of teaching alliteration to K-2 students, I think of silly sentences like Peter Piper and Sally by the Seashore. I found out that alliteration can be so much more than that! Here are just a few ideas.

1. Search your favorite video site for "alliteration" and many videos that introduce or review alliteration come up and are great for primary students. I saw one from Have Fun Teaching and also a WBT (Whole Brain Teaching) video where the teacher uses the tune from Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling".

2. many books! Dr. Seuss' famous The Butter Battle is a favorite, but there are others that are awesome too, like Some Smug Slug and Bedhead to name a few.

3. Phonemic awareness pictures with same initial sounds are a great way to get kinders and special education students to orally write their own silly sentences!

4. Name craftivity with the student creating a sentence with the following frame and making a cut-out version of themselves to put up on the display wall or bulletin board: My name is J_____ and I like j_______.

5. Have 1st and 2nd grade students write their own tongue twisters and illustrate them.

6. Review phonics digraphs and blends by creating sentences with them. The blends would be quite challenging and terrific for enrichment!

7. Assign everyone a letter to draw as a large bubble letter on colored paper. Students then write an alliteration sentence and illustrate inside of the bubble letter.

I've curated another board for you! If you like these lessons and you would love to see more, click the image to follow my Alliteration K-2 board. 

What ways will you teach alliteration? Let us know in the comments below!